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Team Work

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Walking hand in hand for a common mission and helping each other by respecting each team member can be defined as Team Work. Team work is not an entity nor a formulae but a group effort that believe in togetherness. It has already been proven that who works in team always wins both as a Team and as an individual. Team work starts from student life to professional life. Many a times it come in our mind that, if I study alone and don’t share the knowledge or study materials then I can achieve more than others, but it is not. If you share your knowledge and materials with others then you will have the scope of gaining more knowledge and understand the subject easily. Finally everyone will score a good marks and ranking will be same as before. In professional life, team work plays an important role for both personal success and organization’s success. It does not matter whether you work in private sector or in government sector, all the tasks required involvement of more than one person. It reflects that the success of a task is dependent on each team member. Therefore if any mistake is done by any of the team members the efforts of the rest will go in vain. It is not really very important about your rank and position in the team, but contribution of each team member is vital. Here are few common points which we need to take care in professional life to build a good team.

1. When you are Boss-
When you are in the senior most position in the team, it is always important to remember that you should not exploit the people who are following you or subordinates. Always listen and pay importance to the ideas made by any team member. You should not over-confident of being always correct, so do not hesitate to discuss with the people working bellow your rank and try to understand the ground reality; it will help you to increase the team coordination and better result. Do not try to take the advantage of being boss, it may lead to disrespecting you and can hamper the team performance. Many a times it happens that, you assign more work to him/her who always work sincerely and perfectly. It may invite lots of disappointment among them- because you are assigning them more work because they did it perfectly, and those who are not working perfectly you are not assigning works to them in- spite of getting the same benefits. It is always advisable to involve everyone in the team, so that no one feels overburdened and no one feels ignored.

2. When you all are in the same rank:
When we are working in a team and of same rank we should always pay respect to everyone and their ideas. It is not healthy to think that you and your ideas are always right and better. We are having a common habit of keeping personal relation with boss and flattering for personal gain without the knowledge of our teammate, but in the long run this won’t help because bosses are smart enough to understand your motive. Many of us have the tendency to leak the informal discussion among the colleague to our boss or seniors to remain in good book of the boss and maintain personal relation. But most of the time it has proven wrong. One way you are deceiving your colleague and on the other hand your boss will come to know that you are not a trustworthy person. Though we should have a competitive mindset for career growth among the team member holding same rank, but it should be a decent competition not in the cost of others. Because, if you do a foul play today, tomorrow you may be the victim of foul play by others and which will never allow you to live in peace.

3. When you are in junior position-
When one is in junior position or in sub-ordinate position, it is always advisable to respect the seniors and their position. Many a times it comes to our mind that, we are more qualified than our boss or seniors or we know more than him or her but always it should be in the mind that s/he has already reached that position which you have not yet reached. S/he has the proven quality to being in senior position. It is always desirable to put forward your suggestions and ideas for a better team performance, but present your suggestions and ideas in submissive way so that it won’t hurt the ego of your boss. Many of us have the habit of backbiting of boss or making some mistakes intentionally and we think the seniors/boss is not aware of it, but the bosses are smart enough to catch it. It is always a good practise to share with your seniors if anything is going wrong for the benefit of all.

There is a saying that who works with right team spirit always wins. And this winning is not limited only to a particular task, mission or a job but for every aspects of career and life.

(NB: This Article has already published in Assam Tribune Newspaper on 06-04-2018)

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