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Jobs in and as MIS, M&E and IEC

These days’ lots of mission mode projects or works in development sectors are taking place in India and in Assam. India as a developing nation, Assam has also become a target state for different developmental activities by different agencies including international agencies like UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank etc. These projects are generally carried out in two different ways- i) Through Not-for Profit organization ii) Through a government department but as a separate project management unit. In these externally funded projects stresses are given in two common points, they are data management/analysis and public participation. Through the extensive use of Information Technology (IT) managing information and constant monitoring & evaluation of progress are vital component of the project. Parallel to that ensuring the public participation has also become integral part of the project. For this purpose, most of the project management unit usually looks for people in following three categories.

i) MIS (Management Information System),
ii) M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation) and
iii) IEC (Inform, Educate and Communicate).

i) MIS (Management Information System):- The job designations in this category generally are MIS manager, MIS Consultant, MIS Specialist, MIS executive etc. This responsibility in this job category includes but not limited to managing data, setting IT infrastructure, Regular data updating through different web-portal, communicating through the use of Information Technology, planning & designing of the information system etc. One who will work in this job should have a strong analytical skills and up-to-date with the recent technologies. Managing database, handling computer network are also desired in this job profile.

The education qualifications for consultant/ specialist/manager generally are B.Tech. (IT/ Computer Science) or MCA or MSc in IT/Computer Science with 3+ years of experiences. Fresher are also recruited in junior position / assistant position. For the MIS executive/assistant position a minimum graduate with diploma in computer can apply. The eligibility criteria may differs from project to project but above mentioned are the traditionally looked for criteria. Regarding the selection process, it depends on department/agency/project, however written test (both objective/descriptive), Personal interview are generally followed procedures if the numbers of applicants are high otherwise peoples are selected through personal interview only.

ii) Monitoring & Evaluation: – Constant monitoring and regular evaluation is one of the key aspects of the mission mode project/ developmental project. Monitoring through IT application regularly and preparing report in frequent interval about the project progress, and planning the strategies for timely completion/ meeting the deadline of the project are traditional job responsibilities in this job. One should be IT savvy and desired to have strong analytical and understanding skills to get into M&E jobs. Learning about the core value of the project, metadata preparing, even co-ordinating with field level workers are required in this job profile. Evaluating the progress, finding out the drawback/shortcoming of the project in all aspects of the projects are some of the job responsibilities.

For this kind of jobs, the required qualifications generally are post graduate in statistics/computer science/ mathematics; For consultant/Specialist/ manager position the recruiter generally look for candidate with experience of 3-5 years in relevant field. The fresher can find place as assistant/deputy position in this job profile. The selection process, it is almost similar with MIS, but many department/agency/project conduct group discussion (GD), presentation etc to select the right candidate.

iii) IEC (Inform, Educate and Communicate) Consultant/Specialist: – As the public participation and empowering the society in the project area plays a key role, therefore this job includes huge responsibility and can play deciding role in the successful completion of the project. The traditional job designation in this category are- IEC Consultant/ Social development consultant/ Community Mobilization consultant etc. Taking the objectives of the mission to the public and make the people believe on your project is very challenging job, but your skills in social development/ public management and dedication towards the social development can make the things easy. Understanding demographic diversity and social fabric of the project area is very crucial to take this challenge. Developing IEC material like poster/banner/slogan/leaflets are also included in this job responsibility.

To get into this job, the department/agency/project generally looked for people from Social science background preferably from sociology, social work and rural management. For state level or district level consultant/specialist position, the required qualifications are post graduate degree in social science with 3-7 years experience which varies from project to project. To get into this kind of job in Blok/Gram-Panchayat level, a fresh graduate is also found to be eligible, but they need to show their keenness to work for the people and ready to travel in far flung and rural areas. Proper communication skills, writing skills, IT savvy and self confidence to motivate to people are highly desirable for this kind of job. If you are aiming for consultant/specialist jobs, initially you can start your career in some good NGOs/ Govt. project so that you can gain experience and apply for those positions. The selection process usually follows written test (both subjective and objective), Group discussion, Case Study, Presentation personal interview.

All these three jobs are traditionally contractual in nature where you have to deliver in mission mode. Renew of contract (generally after one year) of your job solely depends on your performance. But, don’t consider it only as a contractual job of one or two years, if you perform well, no one can stop you in getting job one after another. Once you obtain the expertise, you will be in high demand and different agencies will look for you instead of you look for job. These sectors are booming in faster pace and still there is shortage of right people. Though the Salary varies from project to project, usually everyone use to get a handsome salary; and salary for right people is never a constrain. If you can carry out the good performance with dedication, there will not be any retirement age and you can witness/ become part of several success stories. One can get the information about these jobs through different online job portal or from leading daily newspaper like Assam Tribune.

(NB: This Article has already published in Assam Tribune NewsPaper in two parts on 16th october 2017 and 23rd October 2017)

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