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In the Land of Cheraw…

“Ka hmangaih che Mizoram”(means I love you Mizoram), this line is from one of the popular assamese songs composed by music legend Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, which we have been listening from our childhood. From those days I made an image of our sister state Mizoram the land of “Blue Mountain”.
And that day was not so far; in the month of October, 2008 I got the call from ICFAI University Mizoram; definitely there was no question of denying this. Hill station has always been my weakness; when it is our sister state, how can I say NO?

Still I remember my first journey to Aizawl. I came by bus from Guwahati to Aizawl and fortunately my co-passenger was a young beautiful mizo girl who was doing study in Delhi. She kept on explaining about Mizo culture and Mizoram and I also never tired of listening to her. In the next morning when our bus reached Mizoram boarder, I felt like the hills had been waiting to welcome me to their land. The bus was moving in moderate speed and I lost myself in the crisscross path covered by Blue Mountain and thick forest. I took Mizo dish in my lunch in Kolasib (The girls compelled me to take). After lunch she offered me tengtere (green tamarind) with red chili powder and still I am a fan of green tamarind.

I reached my destination in the late evening. I was bit tensed thinking where to go, how to go etc. I was thinking to catch a taxi from ISBT(Inter State Bus Terminus) to hotel, but the girl asked me to come with her by city bus, even she had paid my bus fair and dropped me at Chanmari with accurate guidelines for getting into a hotel. I checked into Hotel Millennium in Zarkawt area. My first chapter of Aizawl life thus began.

I have spent almost three and half year in Aizawl since my date of joining. Now I can say the place is really a nice one. Nature is still alive in the 21st century. This is true that life is somewhat tougher in hilly terrain, yet people are living so nicely with nature and cultivating a modern culture. Aizawl is an up-to-date and far more advanced city in the north-eastern region. People are awesomely fashionable and fun-loving- I really liked that.

The traditional repertoire of festivals and folk and community dances offer visitors a delightful insight into the tribal heritage of Mizo culture in all its richness and variety. Mizo people are very sociable, hospitable and fun-loving. They are supposed to be the one of the finest choir singer in North-East. Living in the heart of nature, in the lap of the cloud reflects their great affinity to the most attraction features of the land in which they live. Clinging to their identity and culture despite external influence, Mizos have ensured that it continues to be unselfish, hospitable and helpful to others. The joyous movement of their dances and spirited songs are deep reflection of their passions for this culture heritage.

The forested Mizo hills with their thick bamboo jungles is gifted with human talent and natural resources and it is imperative that these be utilized to their optimum capability for the benefit of the state and its people. The Christianity completely re-generated the lives of Mizos enkindling their lives from darkness to light and made the most generous, intelligent, meek, lovely, peace loving and joyful ones.

The description of Mizoram will remain fractional if not mentioned about Mizo girls. I don’t think there will be any disagreement if I say Mizo girls are beautiful, fashionable and fun-loving. God has not left anything untouched during the creation of the Mizo girls. The equal society value for men and women is quite impressive to me.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “If I became the Prime Minister of India my first job will be to shut down all the Wine Shop”. And I believe that by not giving permit for wine shop (Mizoram is declared as a dry state) by the Govt. of Mizoram reflects the best respect to the Father of our Nation.

With the galaxy of festivals, dances, nature, beautiful girls and tradition, Mizoram is a Kaleidoscopic “pleasure trove for the discerning visitors”.

(NB: Published in PGSU, GU Magazine 2006-07 issue)

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